Klara Li

I am everywhere
So far this week is all over the place. It´s kinda messy in my appartment and I´m trying to clean a little bit today. I was babysitting the boy together with his mom and she said that I was good. I have no idea about what I´m doing but it´s actually going well so far. 
Yesterday I met up a girl, who found me through this blog, for a hang out. It was super nice and we had both coffee and dinner. After that I went to Kitkat and actually really felt that I´ve developed my whipping skills. I for some reason knew how to do a cool movement with two floggers (whips with a lot of tails). I did a sessions with a really big man who wanted a lot of pain. It was intense and in the end I was hitting him so crazy hard while Ari was standing beside and screaming "harder"! I asked the guy in between if it felt good and he said yes. It´s so crazy how some people can be into that kind of strong pain but I guess he also had a really big and strong body. I felt like I actually could do some stuff and didn´t suck completely. Of course it´s a long way left until I´m on Ari´s level if that ever will happen but I´m still proud. 
Today I woke up late and have eaten some food. I´m with a friend and I think we´re going in to the city later. I feel good but very all over the place. I´m just going throuh the days without really being mindful.